KAZ Minerals - KAZ ⛏

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Holding a free one +33% :grinning:

  • Copper was below $6,000 (~Β£4,615) per tonne for 2019, or $2.70 per pound (fun fact, about the same as a black coffee in London :coffee: ).
  • But Kaz had sales 5% over their 2018 sales, at $2.3b
  • Production was 6% higher than the year before.
  • Free cash flow decreased by 30%, but the they still increased the final dividend by a third to 8c / share.

That’s some nice dividend increase for all copper bugs. :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bug:

Hi Freetraders,

I took a deeper look at KAZ Minerals after taking a small position here on Freetrade and put together a YouTube video going through my thoughts.

KAZ minerals was a interesting research subject with much to like but with growing debt and negative FCF presently. I’m on the fence at the moment but with copper producers taking a hit in recent days, maybe a buying opportunity will come for me soon

Have a watch and see what you think. Any feedback welcome as I develop my research and investment skills:

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Hello, the company should pay dividends on May 22, has anyone already received?

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