Kefi Minerals (KEFI) 🇪🇹 ⛏

Holds the Tulukapi site in Ethiopia. Project fully funded to mine opening. Construction to beginning soon. Infrastructure begun.

Ethiopia opening up the FDI - might use Tulukapi as a shop window.

Debt free, really important for gold producer.

Potential copper assets elsewhere.

Kefi seem to have hit the jackpot

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This stock deserves to be added to Freetrade as its one of the hottest mining prospects out there!

Personally I invest few hundreds each month into KEFI I hope to become rich on them some day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please can we add Kefi Gold and Copper?

Starting to look like the Kefi shares are waking up ahead of the announcements hopefully due during January. A nice way to start the new year. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to today’s market update interview with Kefi’s Chairman.

You’ll need to login using your email address, but I just used “Investor” for the company details and it worked fine.

Still a busy time for the Kefi team, but it sounds like this is all now starting to come together. Exciting times. :slight_smile:

DYOR, etc.


New update presentation from Kefi today. This is being used at a mining conference that the Kefi Chairman is attending in support of the Ethiopian Government mining industry development representatives.

As with any early stage mining company, this is not without its risks and so please DYOR, etc. before considering this business. I would also add that I am generally pretty cautious about these small miners. However, the end of March is now rapidly approaching and personally I can’t find anything obvious that tells me that the funding won’t get signed off. So, with any luck we will be hearing some very positive news within the coming weeks. I have high hopes for this within the “FT Baggers” list. :wink:

Again, DYOR, etc. and best of luck out there.


New RNS out from Kefi regarding the management team options scheme covering the next three years.

The interesting thing about this update is that why would the management team be bothering to get all of this in place if the funding for the new mine wasn’t looking like it’s falling into place. The Chairman has stated that the confirmation of the funding is due at the end of this month (March) and so let’s see what happens. :slight_smile:

One thing to remember, this company is currently valued at around £40m and once the funding is confirmed it will start work on the initial gold mine in Ethiopia. This will then unlock the process to start properly exploring the approx. 1,000 sq km around the new mine that Kefi has been granted mining rights to. Within this region they have already identified at least one promising looking potential (neighbouring) deposit that could easily become a second mine. There is also the huge copper deposit that they are currently busy drilling in Saudi Arabia in order to try to confirm the full extent of it, as well as the 30 other identified sites that they licensing and looking to start drilling over the coming months/years.

And people wonder why I bother spending a lot of my time investigating and analysing the small cap mining space. Let’s see if this can top the FTBaggers list. :wink:

DYOR and best of luck out there.


Every day this chart keeps getting uglier.

Lol. To me, it just looks like the price is continuing to bounce around a trading range of 0.019-0.021. Not unusual for a company who’s share price is currently driven by news. We should hopefully hear about the funding within the next week or so and so let’s see how things look at that point. :slight_smile:


Today’s RNS, and the likely reason for the dip, although I think the update is roughly in line with expectations: