Kingfisher - KGF 🐦 🧰

Home to the B&Q & Screwfix brands, over 1300 stores across nine countries.

Current dividend yield - 5.73%

Recently booted out of the FTSE 100. :boot:

B&Q and Screwfix parent company Kingfisher has been relegated from the FTSE 100 following a quarterly reshuffle of the sought-after stock market ranking.

Anyone buying on for that yield? Or is the 50% decline in value since 2015 make it too hot to handle? :hot_pepper:

I’ not sure, you always need these places. Your halfway through a project with limited time and its all stop if you can’t get certain basic items quickly. But considering the size of my local branch it usually feels a bit post apocalyptic wandering around in there nearly alone. More staff than customers

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Not an in depth analysis I know, but sometimes we can forget the grass roots of a business

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Screwfix :+1: