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That is very true if it gets anywhere a 1p or 10p depending on how many zeros I’ve missed out
I have the same with £prem

But taken profit from that and left virtually half the stock in taking about 90% of original investment!

Bit with kodal my shares are more than 3x that of what ever had in £prem :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I always backed Kod more than Prem, no idea why, possibly just based on the name. Shame really as Prem did really well a couple of months ago, i sold some to do some derisking but only have half of what i do in Kod now.

But if both of them end up in a place where they are taking stuff out of the ground then i’ll be in a happy place.

And with Prem it’s looking more and more likely it won’t be too far in the future.

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Well until it’s happens it’s hopefully a waiting game that doesn’t need to much waiting :joy::joy:

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Quiet here. Good day today, hopefully we’re on the way back up.


Yeah, here’s hoping. Nice to see it rising on the ebb and flow but it would be really nice to get some actual news.

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Ooo bit of upwards today…

There was a big lithium announcement in the states yesterday which would have helped.

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Are they finally opening a second mine? :joy:

Well then, lets see how today goes.


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Hmmm, no reaction at all on the news. Chatter seems to be an upcoming placing.

Would make sense i suppose if the share price was to have shot up and then another placing could happen to fund the actual building of the mine.

Now if a JV was to come into play, that would be nice.

Dropping again :face_vomiting: even decided to buy the dip yesterday at 0.0026 21k of shares and then it goes and drops again!

Must been some negative news in that link above @J4ckSt4yn3s :man_facepalming::joy:

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I’m thinking that aside from the general bloodbath that’s going on people are also wondering where the money will be coming from to build the mine.

I think people are getting fed up piling on to good news thinking we are going to the moon only to wake up the next day to find they have issued another several billion shares to raise funds.

I bought some more yesterday and today and will continue to be drip feeding into it at these levels.

Hopefully it may not come to a raise and we could end up being bought or a JV could happen.

A buyout would be nice but i’d rather that would happen on share prices going up rather than down. Less bargaining power at these levels.

At the moment i’m in no great rush, just hope when investors start bringing money back to the market Kod gets some coming it’s way.

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Good news then

Wouldn’t know there’s nothing there? Report is missing must have to be a member?

If good news share price isn’t reacting like most mining ones!?

No, don’t need to be a member - click the link and click this:

But you’re right, price hasn’t increased any… :thinking:

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I did that and was just a blank screen, maybe taking to long to load up :roll_eyes:

Barring increases a loss has widen and cash has shrunken so bit confused about stuff tbh

I read it as “we’ve spent lots of cash but we hold the best rights and our expected revenue is good”

Or did I misread?

An hour long but well worth a listen. Just a matter of time now.