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Please add CTL

This companies website for anyone looking -

Looks an interesting one from a first glance through and their April investor presentation adds some more detail.

Bumping this…
They’re now valued at £18m which is incredible for a lithium developer with a 1.2mt lithium resource and a pilot plant in development.

Cashed up with £8m to spend on the scoping study, DFS and additional drilling.

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Really hoping this is added in the next batch :kissing_heart:

Chile voted against nationalising mines last week which has massively derisked this company.

Valued at approx £20m with a resource of 1.2mt of LCE, once in full production it should be closer to £1bn mcap (just look at LKE!).

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Bumping this again!

10% up today along on the announcement that they have battery grade lithium which is extractable from their 1.2mt deposit in Chile.

Looking forward to the next batch of stocks being added :pray:

Bumping this (again)…

A great lithium deposit in Chile - one for the future (if it isn’t bought up by the Chinese/US before production).

New lithium discovery - would be nice to be able to buy some soon :upside_down_face:

Please add :+1:

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Hi @freetradeteam

Please add.

Bought this morning via Trading212 up 7% already.

@freetrade What are the actual requirements for a stock being added?

We’ve supplied information regarding the instrument, we have nearly 20 users who are interested in investing in the stock, but it still hasn’t been added?

As a Plus user, it’s a shame I have to keep using other platforms to invest because you’ve yet to implement stocks which have been requested for months. :pensive:

Thank you.


Agreed, stock rollouts have been slow.

CTL IPOed months ago.

Perhaps I’m in a small minority here, but since I usually invest in micro caps it’s imperative that we have them available now the app without having to wait weeks/months for it to happen. Failing that, a reason why it can’t be added.

I’ll take a stab at this @JL3 - I don’t believe there is a hard and fast rule on addition.

When you take a look at the stats for Clean Tech it has the volume you’d want to see. I haven’t seen the bid/ask spread diluting trading but it would need to be around ~1% → ~2%.

While we’ve seen small companies added this would be on the low end.

Hope this helps.

I’d have to disagree with some of those reasons Neil.

The official spreads on some of these micro caps can be 5%-20%, the actual spread can be smaller but still at least 5% (fairly common on AIM generally).

Volume wise there’s some very illiquid stocks on Freetrade already (thinking TYM, BZT etc) - this shouldn’t be a problem for a lot of stocks if these examples are already on FT.

Same argument applies for market cap - obviously CTL has almost doubled in the last couple of weeks (way after I pushed for this to be added may I mention!) but there are already some very tiny mcaps on here already.

There may be more to it that I’m not aware of when adding these companies, but from what’s been mentioned before by FT I can’t see any reason why this wasn’t added months ago.

Due to the way Freetrade execute orders, best available price within “parameters” they would be reluctant to admit stocks with a huge spread as you’ll find orders failing when you go to sell.

You’re far more versed in micro caps & AIM listing so will completely bow to your better judgement.

I didn’t look at the chart, but given it has almost doubled in the last 2 weeks a market cap of ~£15m could be a reason alone.

Well hopefully someone from Freetrade can chip in to educate us both (ideally they’d just add the stock :joy:).

I tend to only use limit orders for these stocks so avoid the issue of rejected orders, perhaps it’s just as well that most of these stocks are within the Plus universe thereby giving everyone with access the ability to use limit orders.

Bought more today via 212. Hoping Freetrade add soon!!

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So after a small retrace from its recent highs, this would be a great time to get the stock added…

Any chance we could see this happening soon? :grimacing: