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I think the L&G Battery Value Chain ETF should be added - itโ€™s a fund of battery shares such as telsa, panasonic etc.

plese consider

There is already a thread for this:

The changing face of transport and the need for cleaner energy sources. Battery powered vehicles are going to be on the up. Maybe a good prospect?

Another vote for this, the government announced today increased support for energy storage and relaxed planning permissions for renewable energy generation projects.


Top 10 constituents (%)

Stock per cent
Tesla 6.2
BYD 6.2
SolarEdge 4.8
LG Chem 4.6
Tianneng Power 4.5
Pilbara Minerals 4.1
Galaxy Resources 4.0
Mineral Resources 3.8
Samsung SDI 3.8
Daimler 3.7

Interesting list. Good to know this fund gives BYD exposure.


Transaction costs are -0.21% ??

Does this mean it is in fact cheaper to use than the wisdom tree equivalent (chrg). I am with the latter and am sure I did my calculations when deciding between the twoโ€ฆ maybe I missed this.

Or am I completely off and that value is an error?

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Iโ€™ve been really pleased with my investment in this fund. Just under 10% since March โ€˜23 and pretty rapid gains since March 2020

What are others thoughts on the long term prospects of this index? It contains a quite broad spectrum of companies, most of which are unfortunately not available on FT. It is heavily weighted towards Core Lithium.


Generally, I avoid themstic-style ETFs like the plague but there are exceptions to every rule. This is one of the rare ones I would actually consider.