Land sec and British land shares buy hold or sell

Hi i have a several shares in both these companies, and was wondering what peoples thoughts are as regard to the future. With the decline in footfall and shopping moving more to online and now with covid 19 and people working from home some companies have announced they will keep their employees working from home after covid full stop … I have bought when there has been dips in share price so got a reasonable low base and had planned to hold for a mid term and see where it takes me any input much appreciated

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I have a few of both - but i’ve been topping up on BCPT - even though dividend has been cancelled - started to rise back up this week

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Yes was thinking about buying BCPT while they have announced they are not paying dividend as price has dropped maybe a good entry point and would be nice to add for monthly income in the future when things get back on track although i believe this is a REIT as and such is probably best held in an Isa as tax deducted from dividend around 20% i think

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Unfortunately, REITs are not available yet in Freetrade ISAs. You’re right about the tax implications.
“PID dividends are paid out of British Land’s tax-exempt profits and therefore are potentially fully taxable in shareholders’ hands as property letting income”

What sort of property portfolio do these companies hold, e.g. shopping centres vs offices?

Increasingly our business is focused on mixed use places. These are our London campuses and our multi-let retail environments which account for c. 80% of our portfolio. They are places where we can curate the buildings and the spaces around them to reflect the broader needs of the people who use them.

This is a unique competitive advantage which enables us to reflect the changing way people are using real estate. Central to this is the way boundaries are blurring between work and leisure time, as people increasingly expect to be able to socialise, exercise or be entertained conveniently to the office and to work in places which are pleasant, safe and easily accessible from where they live.

Our campuses and our standalone offices together account for 55% of our portfolio. Across Broadgate, Regent’s Place and Paddington Central, we create and manage some of the best connected, most accessible space in London. That includes world-class, modern and sustainable offices alongside public spaces set in vibrant local neighbourhoods. These unique campus benefits represent a clear attraction to businesses seeking to hire and retain the best people. Our standalone buildings provide similarly high quality workspace in attractive parts of London where we support placemaking initiatives although do not control the wider area.

Retail currently comprises 41% of our portfolio but we aim to reduce this business to 30-35% of the total over the next five years. We will continue to focus on places which support the changing role of physical retail to help retailers succeed in an omni-channel world. They will be high quality, well connected multi-let centres in or near catchment areas with attractive demographics. They will have strong market positions, be affordable to retailers, appropriately sized to reflect their local market and have the potential to become increasingly mixed use over time.

Blimey, that’s been through marketing s few times! That’s British Land.

London campuses = mainly office plus retail?
Multi-let retail = shopping center

Are you bullish on either of these areas? Sounds like they are flexible, which is going to needed.

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Yes Anders flexibility and innovation will be key going forward …British land results are on 27th May so will top up if share price drops as was the case when Landsec announced their results recently . Planning to hold mid term at least … Good entry points for both stocks as no dividend payout and property valuation dropping helping you buy into quality companies at a good premium … I also like the look of Assura only small holding at moment though and thinking of adding BCPT which again is this a good time to buy in with current share price and monthly income although suspended at the moment i should add…Am i Bullish the high street has taken a hammering and online sales have added to their woes and now several companies announcing continued working from home even after covid 19 so no not buliish but hopeful that the rental spaces these companies all hold can be re used for other projects and even a change in direction and property portfolio reviews could be helpful moving forward


I bought some Landsec at 5.50 per share, now looking into British Land as well. Like them for their strong development outlooks, and diversification of their portfolio (just like Landsec). It’s up today 7.5%, guess it has a lot to do with the government’s plans on re-opening retail stores at the 15th of June. I am thinking whether I should buy a small amount today, and see their price changes after their earnings report, or I should just buy all tomorrow…

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British land are announcing results tomorrow yes when Landsec announced results their share price fell away quite a bit … I am waiting on side lines to top up in both if and when they dip down .Yes very good news for both about retail shops etc reopening which is helping share price climb today … The stock market is rather puzzling at times good results and a stock price can sometimes fall bad results and sometimes they climb … hard to call really guess its a case of whatever you gut is telling you


Looks like it’s up again today. Pretty “positive” financial report imho. Bought some today as well (I went with my plan yesterday, and bought some then)

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Good results all in all was expecting property portfolio to drop in value some good positives hopefully moving forward …Hopefully share price will continue to climb for all investors . good buys yesterday then for you today maybe not so cheap but still rising nicely and wall st set to open positive might nudge price up some more

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