FCPT Dividend

Anyone else still waiting for the dividend from FCPT Commercial Property paid at the end of April ?

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I am. I raised the issue via the app a few days ago. Apparently freetrade haven’t received the payment from FCPT yet.


How come there has not been a dividend for May?

For May? Not yet.

Ex-div: May 16
Pay date: May 31



Hi. As the song goes ‘I’m still waiting’ not only for the April dividend but an answer as to what the delay is due to… rather than ‘I’ ll look in to it '.

Still waiting here to

Still waiting for my 10p :joy:

Are delays of this long for dividend payments normal?

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All my previous dividends have been paid no delay. Just this one seeming to be a long delay.

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I think everybody should recognise that it was the companies Year End this month. A delay isn’t out of the ordiary


The dividend got paid today. This is the only dividend I had due so although the notification did not say who the dividend was from, I know it’s FCPT.
Thank you for the info, I did not know it was year end for them or that delays are common at year end :ok_hand:


Hmm, I didn’t even get a notification.

When did you buy the shares?

February. I got the money, Freetrade just didn’t tell me about it in any way. Last month I got a message with details of the dividends.

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Has there been an ex dividend for May?

Ex div is 16th May


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Cheers, the HL website does not show this!

So is that 5p per share?

0.5p per share, so 1p for every 2 shares.

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Ah ok, all the decimalsare confusing! :slight_smile:

Anyone had this dividend yet for May?

Not yet Mark but I’m sure it’s on it’s way.