Dividend not paid to Freetrade


The issue I have is with a dividend payment by Flutter Entertainment (paddy power), but it’s more general than ‘where is my dividend?’.
The dividend should have been paid a month ago. I contacted the freetrade support and they answered quickly and in a sufficient way.
The issue apparently is that freetrade still has not received the dividend from the payee.
Now my question: what can freetrade do in cases like this? How long can it potentially take for me to get a payment? What mechanisms of pressure can freetrade apply to receive the payment?


Hey @SebReitz :wave:

The good news is, we have now received this payment and have allocated it to eligible accounts today. You should be able to see the funds added to your available cash balance and will receive a message from me shortly via the App. We do actively monitor and chase any unreceived dividends.


Thanks for the answer, Jamie!
Dividend has been received. :slight_smile:


Suspiciously surprising timing :face_with_monocle: 1 hour after chat said it wasn’t there after a 1 month delay

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The fact that it was so delayed I’d have thought increased the chances of it arriving