Have not received dividend payment yet, payment date 9th May 2022

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I was expecting some dividends payment on 9th of May but I have not received anything from freetrade yet? Is this delay normal?


Can’t recall having any dividend substatially delayed. Most of the UK stocks I’ve invested have been usually within 1-2 business days of the pay date. US stocks a little a bit longer, about 3 business days at the very most. I think the longest delay was 5 days once.

What was the stock, and when did you buy it?

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Thanks JimmyJ. It was Thungela Resources Ltd (TGA). I bought it back in April before the ex-div date and I thought the payment date was 9th May.

Payment date is 23rd May according to dividend data


Probably a bit of confusion as they announced two payment dates - https://www.londonstockexchange.com/news-article/TGA/ordinary-cash-dividend-declaration/15377723

9th May is the payment to shareholders on JSE (Johannesburg)
23rd May for LSE (London) shareholders


and I have not received any payment from Freetrade yet. Is there a stock discussion page for TGA?

Just received the payment a minute ago. Thanks everyone for your help.

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Payment date is 23rd May according to twe dividend data link