When do dividends get paid

So I have some dividends that have been paid according the company (ex dividend date in May and Payment on Monday this week) and was curious how much of a delay there usually is between the dividend date and free trade paying?

Does free trade pay as soon as the money reaches them, or do they generally process it for a while/earn interest on it while processing?

Does it very a lot between companies

Do a search on DividendMax. Shows the ex-dividend date and actual payment date.

Both have passed. I am curious what the delay is between the payment date and free trade paying

Ex Dividend date and payment date aren’t the same. sometimes it’s weeks or even months after the ex dividend date that they actually pay out. you need to check the payment date. In my experience it can be a couple of days after the payment date that the money appears in your freetrade account

Have edited to be clearer. Both dates have passed

Sometimes, there’s a bit of a delay in Freetrade paying the dividend but when they do, you will get an email and you will see the income in your Activity tab.

Understand all that, just curious what the average delay people have experienced is

Probably a few days for me - some have taken up to 5 days, others have been paid on the expected day.

UK dividends have been paid closer to the payment date than US dividends, in my experience.
1-2 days for UK
Up to 5 days for US

I don’t think they make any payments over the weekend either, so factor this in.

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