Dividend not in account


I have some shares in Stag Industrial, which were acquired before the ex-dividend date, 25th Feb.

I appreciate that getting the return might take time, but two days have now passed and I am getting restless.

How long should it take for dividends to be put into my account? Has anyone else got this issue?

Thank you

It can be a couple of days after the payment date.

Thank you. Very helpful.

To my shame, moments after I posted this, Freetrade notified me of the payment.


:smiley: I’ve noticed the dividends also tend to hit your account a little while before you get the actual notification as well.

Don’t feel too shamed…I’m still waiting for my dividends 2 days late.

That doesn’t explain why different customers receive dividends at different times with the same holding.

Do Freetrade staff have an actual answer for that rather than the scripted version which doesn’t actually answer anything?

Here is generally how things work:
On the payment date, the company deposits the funds for disbursement to shareholders with the Clearing House (often DTC in USA). Cash payments are then disbursed by the DTC to brokerage firms around the world where shareholders hold the company’s shares. The recipient firms appropriately apply cash dividends to client accounts.

Now can you see why this process might take a few days?


Makes total sense, I had no idea how the process worked.

Thank you.


Yes, but that wasn’t the question was it?

That doesn’t explain why different customers WITH THE SAME HOLDING are getting dividends at different times from Freetrade when the payout date from the holding is the same.

What part of that answers the question? :open_mouth:

The early post by Dave answered the two questions in the original post. J4ipod94 then kindly explained how the dividend payment process works, this is really interesting information! This thread may as well go by the wayside now.


Yeh except it misses the little detail of not answering my question; but don’t let a little detail like that get in the way of logic.