3 day delay in dividend payment

You’re basically agreeing with me that Freetrade aren’t consistent with their payouts…I’m just not sure if you’re aware of it or not.

I am aware. That’s what i was sayin. Odd that the payment dates are not the same across the board. Just giving my perspective that it’s not delayed the same for everyone. I wonder if it’s a rolling payout system or something like that … weird either way

It only makes sense if it’s deliberately withheld from some customers over others…That might not be true but that’s how it looks.

Tbh I don’t think T212 are any better. I have heard from others that they take two additional days after payout day which is slower even than FT.

Since my delay(coincidently it was also JNJ) its returned to normal. US shares generally being the day after their payout day and that’s what I’ve seen in the US payouts I’ve had since JNJ.

I’m very happy for you but that only goes to prove that Freetrade lack any consistency with treatment of their customers.

Who knows, I might get lucky and be one of the ones that gets their dividends on time with T212…It’s worth finding out is my point…So far i’ve had payouts 100% late every time with FT.

Here’s an explanation from another user on a similar thread:

My bad, i see youre on that thread too. I dont know why the payment dates are different for people holding the same stock, but tbh i’m happy as long as i get them paid. At the momemt my dividends are not that significant and It’s all reinvested anyway.

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I can’t work out whether your straw manning is deliberate or accidental. lol.

what does that mean?

I rest my case.

I just looked up the phrase, i had genuinely never come across it before, as no-one has ever accused me of that before. So it was a genuine question.

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Clearly accidental as i was in the middle of editing my response when you commented.

Why does this rile you so much?
I’d be happy to get the Dividends within a week of the payment date. Sometimes they’re the same day and sometimes it’s taken 3 days from the payment date.
What do you suppose is a suitable service level for this?


Just looked at their profile and they must be having a terrible time of it on the app. :grin:

I was genuinely only trying to help as I have always done with other queries.


Do you know how much money could be made in the two days that £2.19 dividend isn’t in my account? I could be a millionaire!! I’m going to sue FT for loss of earnings!! :crazy_face:


Yes the system is so unfair. Dividends might be being paid out in a certain order. Perhaps in order of account number or even alphabetical order! Whatever the system order is it’s totally unfair because I didn’t get it first!

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You don’t have access the peoples accounts to know what they have in them.

However, this is a public forum and most people on here just want to help, or be helped. As my old master used to say " When the path you walk always leads back to yourself, you never get anywhere…”


I bet your ISA fee comes out your account on time to the second. :rofl:

Be lucky? What are you on about? I’ve not seen a post of anyone getting dividends on T212 the same day as they are paid out? Everything I’ve read suggests it takes even longer than FT. But you do you.

Agree with people here that dividend payments are definitely slow and inconsistent at Freetrade. I get payments for the same stocks straight away on my X-O account with Freetrade always arriving a day or two later. Also noticed that dividends arrive at different times for my SIPP compared to the GIA for the same stock. Its not a major problem but clearly something that needs to be sorted out at some point. More people will notice this over time and I can see it turning into a niggling source of complaints. Basic cash flow of payments needs to be flawless if they are to scale up and serve millions of customers. Cash also seems slow to settle which is another irritation. I sold some last Friday, still not settled 5 business days later.