Land Securities Group (LAND) 🏢

LAND has now been added to Freetrade’s universe

I can’t find British Land or Land Securities Investment Trusts in my discover section in the app

They are only available in your General Investment Account, not in an ISA.

Hopefully, it will be available in ISAs later too :slight_smile:


What is the reason that these are not available under ISAs?

Because it’s a REIT. They have different tax implications.

Landsec puts £20m into diversity drive

Lower property values floor Land Securities

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I am surprised that the article advises to hold - but I am an amateur! :smiling_face_with_tear: :joy:

I reduced my property and REIT related stocks as inflation started rising, presuming that poorer people would force businesses into cutting staff and reducing floor space. Along with businesses like Argos and others, co-habiting with larger operators like Sainsburys and moving in-store, these were big red flags for me.

I personally get the feeling, after the BoE reports of “uncertainty” that we should expect more inflation. I’ve just received a pay increase for one of my self-employed job and have an interview for an additional part time job and that means pay inflation.

It’s almost as if the government and BoE want to reduce demand to match a lack of labour - which is one way of resolving problems I suppose.

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I’m also an amateur but I enjoy the quarterly divis. I don’t have much of my portfolio in property but stick with LAND because it seems quite diverse - City office space, retail sites and bigger ‘outlet’ sites in all regions of the UK.
I’m not one to spend much time in retail and outlet sites but the latter ones I’ve visited seem to to be as crowded as ever (apocryphal, obviously).

I’ll hold :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Alas, BLND might be a different story .