British Land - BLND 🏢

BLND has been added to Freetrade’s universe today!

I am just being a numpty or has this been removed from the app? I’ve tried searching and can’t seem to find it.

It’s only available in the Basic account ( GIA ) at the moment.

Ahh so yes, I’m being a numpty! Much appreciated.

I read the Wikipedia page. Interesting company. I never bought a REIT before! It looks like a good dividend payer:

Only available outside the ISA unfortunately.

So I have a question, as I’m not sure I understand how this stock works atm.

Say I buy this in the basic account. My understanding is that if it’s a small position, then I don’t need to do self assessment right? Or do I need to do it anyway because of how dividends are classified for REITs?

I think you only need to do it if you want to claw back tax withheld, but for a small enough position you might be like “Sure, whatever” and skip it, right?