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LTG is a market leading e-learning technology firm. Through their learning systems, this firm allow businesses to maximise potential of employees.

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I have a query which I hope you can help me with?
Back in 1996, the company I was working for, Epic Multimedia Group, floated on the AIM and I bought 2,381 shares
After doing some research on Companies House, the company is now called Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).
The current share price seems to be 117.50. [Share Price Information - Learning Technologies Group plc
I’m wondering how I would go about selling the shares? And how much they might be worth?

I’d welcome any comments or information on this.

Please let me know if you require any further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Just for clarity, AIM is denominated in GBX which is, essentially, pennies, so a GBX 117.50 price is £1.17 in human money.

Although Learning Technologies Group is ostensibly a descendant of Epic Media Group, that’s not the legal structure. Learning Technologies Group PLC is actually a descendent of In-Deed Online PLC through a reverse takeover in which In-Deed Online PLC acquired all of the outstanding shares of Epic Group PLC and then became Learning Technologies Group PLC. Thus, your Epic Group PLC shares are long gone.

From the LTG proposal, dated 2013:

On 22 October 2013, the Company announced that it had agreed to acquire the entire issued and to
be issued share capital of Epic. The consideration for the Acquisition will be £16.3 million comprising
the issue, credited as fully paid, of 255,000,000 Consideration Shares to the Epic Shareholders at a
price of 5.882353 pence per Ordinary Share and a payment to the Epic Shareholders and to holders
of Epic Shares who acquired those shares following the exercise of options issued to them pursuant
to the Epic Share Option Scheme of an aggregate cash consideration of £1,323,254.

In fact, reading on, the following is mentioned:

In 1996, Epic floated on AIM, and was subsequently acquired by Huveaux plc (now Dods (Group)
PLC), a political and educational publisher, in 2005. In December 2007, Jonathan Satchell, the former
owner of Executive Business Channel Limited, an e-learning company, was brought in by Huveaux
plc as the interim managing director of Epic to address the underperformance of the business since its
acquisition. In conjunction with Andrew Brode, a private investor with substantial corporate and
financial experience they acquired Epic in June 2008.

A little googling shows this Offer for Epic Group plc:

The Offer values each Epic Share at 95.5 pence (based on the Closing Price of one Huveaux Share of 45.5 pence on 27 July 2005, being the last practicable Dealing Day prior to this announcement) and comprises 1.33 New Huveaux Shares and 35.0 pence in cash for each Epic Share

So in 2005 you should have received (35p * 2,381) = ~£800 cash + (1.33 * 2381) = ~3,000 “Huveaux Shares”. If we look at “Huveaux” we can find that it currently exists as “Merit Group” which has a share price of GBX 34.30 which is 34p (vs. a peak of £4 in 2017). Assuming you hold 3,000 shares in Merit Group PLC, you have ~£1,000.

That’s my guess, anyway. I’d look for any documentation you might have from the 2005 acquisition. I don’t think LTG has any relevance to you, because their acquisition of Epic Group PLC was long after you had been liquidated.

note: I made an earlier comment that was wrong, this comment corrects earlier mistakes.