Company Acquired - No activity entry

I had some shares in Virgin Money and when I opened Freetrade just now, there was a pop up message saying they’d been acquired by CYBG and I now have shares in CYBG instead. This feels like it might be an event that’s not had much testing yet, so I thought I’d point out a couple of things to do with it…

1: The message that popped up looked like a DM or chat message, but the chat is one of the more hidden features in the app, so it might not be obvious to people where to go to find that message if they want to refer back to it.

2: I feel there should be an event in my Activity screen for this.

3: When I view CYBG in my Portfolio screen, it lists the average price per share as £0.00 and the investment gain/loss as 0.00% (£16.60), so nothing quite adds up any more.

I’d like it if the CYBG page in my Portfolio screen had a direct link to the chat message and retained some mention of Virgin Money, so that this still makes sense in the long term, when I’ve forgotten what just happened.


Sorry to resurrect an old thread… But it must be funny now the shares are renamed to Virgin Money as the ongoing rebranding efforts. Also, agree would be a nice to have something in the activity section for all types corporate actions now that dividends are on there… +1 from me!

Also, the page which is linked to costs and charges still says CYBG.

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