Level 2 data

I can’t seem to find anything about level 2 being added. I stopped using thinkorswim a while ago and it wasn’t cheap. Also any plans for auto divi reinvestment?

I’m not sure your average Freetrader would know what Level 2 is and certainly wouldn’t make use of it, so I wouldn’t imagine it’d be incorporated into the app any time soon/ever.

With you on the dividend reinvestment though.

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Thanks for this request, for anyone who’s not familiar with level 2 data, here’s more info -

There’s an idea for DRIP here ☑[Feature Request 🔧] Autopilot 🤖 (Automatic investment), please add your vote :ballot_box:

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Looking for recommendations # level 2 app# to check whats going on underneath…

Get webull, you can’t buy from UK but you can look at level 2 data.

I can’t open account on we bull - it’s only for US residents.

Interactive Brokers? They offer various subscriptions for market data.

ADVFN - sometimes do a trial period
LSE.CO.UK (23.99 pm I think - have used but to be honest did not trade frequently so was not using to its best potential)
Interactive Investor

None are cheap though so cannot offer any recommendation

What is level 2 data? I have the trading view app, can I see level 2 data on that?