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$PDAC enters into a definitve agreement with Li-Cycle, North America’s leading lithium-ion battery recycling company.
$1.6B Pro forma equity value
$315 PIPE

Li-Cycle, North America’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery Resource Recycling Company, to List on NYSE through Transaction with Peridot Acquisition Corp. | Business Wire.

Voted. I’d also like to buy this one. With the growing concern surrounding the use of batteries, recycling should gain a lot of prominence in the future, and this one uses a patented technology that does not require high temperatures like other ones and can take advantage of around 95% of the valuable materials.

Edit: Ticker PDAC

Any update on this being added?

Just to let everyone know I am 100% behind recycling and there is a lot of money to be made if there is a willingness to invest. Ok this company is in the USA so look to our home market and if you are willing to dig deep you will find Technology Minerals have the basis of becoming bigger.

It’s a very long term position on this?

We are still a decade away from the first EV lithium batteries to need recycling in any volume?

That’s assuming technology doesn’t beat the need to recycle during that decade? Looks long term horizon and with some fair risk.

This investment isn’t one for my portfolio and will continue to invest in the mining of materials such as lithium and copper which EV requirements will soar to make the vehicles….

Needs adding

I agree with you 100%, but like I said in my last message it is worth digging deep as Technology Minerals are doing everything. :earth_americas:

Already in technology minerals

What the heck happened today?

What’s just happened?

ETF dividends have been delared today, majority of stock are on a downward curve.
I have read some news that the fed are sitting and the rates in the US are going to rise, if not later, sooner.

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Time to top up a bit then, lower average cost and ride it out. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Back on the increase, happy days