Life Science REIT PLC - LABS:LSE

This is a REIT with a focus on the fast growing life science sector. Great future prospects.
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9.17% dividend
51% discount to NAV
Dividend quoted is obviously last yearโ€™s and is the first year of dividend payment.
This yearโ€™s interim is the same as last yearโ€™s. No guarantee obviously of the same final dividend.

Accounts show that projects in progress will increase income (not actual profits) by 98%.

QuotedData has info on this near the start

Letโ€™s have some votes for the bargain REIT of the year.

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Hello! votes please. Bargain REIT of the decade!
50% discount
9% dividend
More assets not online yet.
life sciences is big growth area. Limited supply of this type of accommodation.

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