Limelight Networks (LLNW)

Great Software Content Delivery business that caters to big and popular businesses

Would like to see this on too, good, under rated CDN company

This is now on FT :tada: :freetrade:


I decided to throw some money into in when it dropped to $3.9 recently.

I think the current valuation is WAY too low. Company is investing in EDGE and have double digit growth with decent balance sheet. Currently trading at 2x price to sales which is 25x cheaper than Fastly and 10x cheaper than Akamai (closest competitors).

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  • Not much of a downside to picking it up now but for a turnaround it’ll need to change its CEO and/or get acquired

  • Investors are not investing in Fastly as a CDN pure play. They are investing in Fastly because of its Edge Network and its ability to bring processing (edge computing) closer to the user

  • LLNW has nothing major to show in Edge computing just yet which is exactly why it has failed to impress investors

  • The tech community see LLNW as an old technology with a dated infrastructure and poor UI

But realistically you can expect it to bounce back to $6-$7 this year but growth like FSLY or NET is unlikely unless they change their leadership team for starters

Went up 15-20% after appointing new CEO to focus on growth in EDGE part of the business.

They are inches away from becoming profitable and as soon as they hit profitability I would expect a sharp rise. Highly recommend to look into it.