[Request] Livechat - (LVC.WA) Polish 🇵🇱

Could we add this to the list? I believe this is a great undervalued stock with a long term growth opportunity. I haven’t been able to find any retail trading platform I can buy it on.

LiveChat (LVC) is a global provider and developer of ‘Live Chat’ related software that is sold in the SaaS model for B2C and B2B communications. The company has a portfolio of products that are designed to improve the quality and efficiency communication between the customer and the business.

LVC have taken an approach to minimise the external costs of acquiring new customers and focus on maintained profitability of operations. This business model has allowed sustainable growth, high levels of cash generation, no debt, no share issuance, and the ability to pay a healthy dividend.

Hi @jamesmiddleton68 welcome to the forum.

Live chat are listed on the Warsaw exchange and this isn’t currently supported by FT. Once the European rollout is underway then you could see this coming on line however I don’t think Poland is in the first wave.

Thanks for the response @NeilB - Do you have any idea for timings of European rollout?

Its only small cap stock (£500m market cap) so I imagine it isn’t at the top of FT’s priority list, but a profitable SaaS business growing at 30% YoY with no debt and on a 21 P/E, 4% yield and 1.5 PEG is attractive in today’s market.