Limit orders & stop losses

I changed from Plus to Standard with effect from today, and the functionality to place limit orders & stop losses has been greyed out. An issue ?
( Android v1.0 28163 )

Do you already have limit orders pending?

No. I assume some sort of timing issue where the app defaults to Basic on the Plus – > Standard switch day.

Hey @Jim_mcgrain is this still an issue for you?
Ideally this shouldn’t be happening and we tried replicating this bug internally but failed. If it’s still an issue, please reach out to support and they’ll help you out with it or raise it to our tech team for investigation and fix!
Thank you!

No, resolved after the payment was taken for the month.

Rough timeline :
Change scheduled from Plus to Standard on 18/08
On 18/08 account type showing as Basic
Payment taken approx 18.00
After this point account type correctly set to Standard

I’ve got the same issue. Downgraded from plus to standard which is switching today and now I’m showing as a basic user with limit order and stop losses unavailable. Hopefully mine will switch over when the payment is taken.

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