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Lloyds can’t bank on rising rates

Interesting analysis, especially the final comment regarding a putative Standard Chartered deal:

Lloyds is paying the price for being a big fish stranded in a single pool


Top selling (most bought) share on interactive investor (ii) so far this tax year (up to 28 February).


That’s very interesting and here is me thinking of selling lloyds , maybe i should buy more

It’s always interesting to see what other people are buying (and selling) but I wouldn’t necessarily take it as a buy or sell signal. Also the figures in the table are to 28 February, so just before the current issues with banks.

For anyone curious about what other people are doing, ii publish a daily most traded top 10 each morning with a buy sell ratio and Freetrade publish a weekly top 50 most traded, also with a buy sell ratio plus separate tables for buys/sells by total value and etfs.