London Stock Exchange Group plc (LSEG)

This holding company owns a number of stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange, listing companies from across the world to access capital from investors.

When will the lse stock be updated on the Freetrade app? The stock price seems to be incorrect.


Same question and I’ve been slightly concerned as a relative newcomer to freetrade that LSE might not be the same thing as LSEG, a concern fuelled by the share price discrepancy between LSE on freetrade and hl’s price for LSEG. They’ve moved opposite directions in at least one day.

The price is put on freetrade as it’s had no price update on days. It’s using a different source. @sampoullain ?? Somethings wrong with this one

Data source CBOE last price 28th jan.

Did LSE change their ticker?

Ticker changed from LSE to LSEG - looks like the source Freetrade use for their prices haven’t updated this yet.

Sell order on this keeps rejecting this morning