Same Ticker Different price?

Hello, hope someone can help am a bit confused, am researching share prices and one I recently bought and sold is listed on Freetrade with one price and on the LSE with a different price. Is it the same company? Plant Health Care is the one

What is the price difference between LSE and Freetrade?

It could be that the price displayed on Freetrade is slightly behind, which happens sometimes.

Your trade will always execute at the real market price no matter what is displayed on Freetrade, so it’s always better to cross reference the live price.

@heytokyo on Freetrade it is £0.1462 London Stock Exchange is reporting £15

I just checked and… well… both are right!
LSE reports as 14.62GBX. GBX means “pence”. Bit confusing though I’ll admit!


Ah, ok thank you! Phew!

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No problem, feel free to post here any time if you have any more questions and have fun using Freetrade!