Stock prices are incorrect

Currently I see stock price for my #VUAG as 59.13 in FT, while on LSE it’s listed as 59.15 for close price.

It breaks my internal calculations for portfolio, so can you please ensure that your live price are correct even they are not live?

The price is correct

It’s just a difference in the way it is reported.
LSE use a bid ask spread
FT appear to use the last trade price

You probably mean market price for LSE, right? And it’s correct price as it’s widely used on all the charts, not the last trade price

It’s interesting that Yahoo Finance has the LSE number, and Google Finance has the FT number.

No, what is the market price? Is it the bid or ask price? Both are market prices!

Just different ways of reporting.


What I mean is that Close price is not equal to the LTP, Close Price is calculated value, different on different exchanges. Usually when you look into any historical data you will see Close Prices, not LTP

Does freetrade team visit this forum? I still think that LTP is incorrect and Close price should be used.

They have analytics like comparison with global VWRL and there for example is used CP. Also I just feel that my portfolio is incorrect as I see it on other analyzer tools

I thought FT used the mid price, it could be that?