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I’d like to know why FREETRADE does not reflect true live prices on the stock exchange which is far more useful to investors! This is the explanation I have been given by a FREETRADE advisor:

All other platforms reflect the true closing price of a stock, but not FREETRADE? This is totally unacceptable. My investment is showing as being negative at close of play, but according to the stock exchange, I am in profit! :woman_shrugging:t3: This makes no sense, please all vote to get this ammended. Thanks! :blush:

I mean it makes perfect sense. the last price is the last bought or sold price. What share is it you have an issue with?

Freetrade use multiple data sources and information can vary slightly in how often its received and presented, but the information is accurate. You’re always given the late time the information was received.

Id be interested to know what you find it totally unacceptable as well?


Just checked a few positions - they are showing accurate close prices on the app.


I was wondering what stocks you would need to buy in a portfolio for this to be an issue as much be very low movers.

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So at 00.19 at night the price has changed and is now reflecting the true price. So I suspect that I have been given incorrect information by the advisor. So maybe there was a glitch in the system that has now been addressed, but seriously, this isn’t the first time I’ve been given wrong information by FREETRADE advisors. Not good service at all. If they don’t know the answer to a question why can’t they just say that they will look into it and get back to me, not give out wrong information which makes no sense! :exploding_head:

I checked the price on multiple platforms and they all reflected the same correct price. FREETRADE was showing a different price which meant that my investment was showing as a loss. 8 hrs later and after I have raised a complaint, the price is now showing the true correct price and my investment is showing profit. I was told by the advisor that the price showing earlier was not a live price. That’s what I find unacceptable. This was wrong information.

If it’s low volume stuff there won’t be a live price. I bought somthing today that trades at low volumes and the last price was from 2300hrs the previous day. I was the first to buy that stock today about 11am. It has an average volume of like 23,000 shares a day.

A mega cap like Amazon for example will update constantly and show a “live” price, because millions of shares per day are traded per day.

I have never found a problem with the Freetrade pricing. Sometimes trades need to settle before the price can be updated. Also normally you have to pay for “live” data. Basic data is usually delayed by 15 mins.


Wouldn’t have 100% faith in the accuracy of the live pricing but never really felt the need to act obnoxiously to customer service staff from behind a keyboard.


Brokers have to pay extra for at market pricing, Freetrade don’t pay for it so most stocks update 10-15 minutes delayed

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