Luceco plc LUCE

This company sells LED lighting. Its products are used for commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

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Recently invested in this, think there is plenty of opportunities in the tank yet for growing their market share.


  • Profits has nearly doubled

  • Debt down significantly

  • Continuously re-rated - now to 330p

  • Analysts/brokerages consensus Strong Buy

  • Some recent insider selling - worth looking into this

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Yes things are looking OK right now I think. My investment is rising steadily, currently 16% up.

Strong growth in price now 30% up.

Luceco plc (“the Group” or “Luceco”), the manufacturer and distributor of wiring accessories, LED lighting and portable power products, announces that the Group’s interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2021 will be released on Tuesday 7 September 2021.

Post business update the stock has tanked 15% or there abouts…

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Any updates on this company has a good yield?

It’s time to look at these again. Decent yield, solid numbers and only down slightly in last finals due to customer overstocking from covid period… things back to normal this year. Paid down some debt also.

Incredible value down here.

Short term chart looks like it’s about to move.

Longer term chart shows how much room it has above !!!

If you are looking for a good hold that will pay divi’s then research this one imo.

What a lot of people don’t realise is they acquired Sync EV last year, and it’s growing. EV home charging market is going to boom from here. Growth is nailed on.

It’s cheap here!

“We launched our new range of residential EV chargers in the year, which we are making very competitively at our production facility in China. They are sold jointly under the BG and Sync EV brands for maximum market appeal. These have been well received by installers and have helped us achieve a 4% share of the UK market in our first year. We will continue to expand our product range in 2023, including the launch of EV chargers for installation in commercial settings.”

Nice buy there from chief financial officer.

More directors buying

Another director bought 100 grand.

This is getting bullish.

What do they know that we don’t know about the EV charging business they acquired recently?

Another buy from someone closely associated with board of directors. Something is going on here

Still creeping up. Looks like it was also tipped in this newsletter… seems you need a subscription to read it in full though

Not long until trading update.

You’d have to think that’s the reason the directors and closely associated people were buying ahead of the closed period. :face_with_monocle::heart_hands:

Decent update today considering how up and down many co’s have been. Everything as expected, so should underpin current levels as long as general market don’t go to :melting_face: again

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