Is it worthy buying Lucid or Fisker stocks at the moment. l don’t if I am right, Lucid has had a high momentum already?? Doesn’t seem like it will get higher than $55 at all?? Fisker seems to have a bull run to mid 2022?? Has anyone else here of the same notion?

Hi @ToliaGee you’ll not get many people giving buy / sell recommendations especially on growth stage EV companies where establish a fair value is almost impossible. It’s not exciting but the k to advice I’d give is to research the both companies and if you genuinely think there is value to be had over the next 2-5 years then you’re on to a winner. The EV space is a wild wild place right now - good luck and don’t forget to share anything you find while research that you think might benefit the community :ok_hand:t2:

It’s best practice to stick to thread created for the individual stocks, it tidier and you’re more likely to get answers once your thread drops from the front page in a few hours.

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Thanks NeilB. much appreciated.

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