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Lucid Motors is an american EV company founded in 2007. Their first fully electric car is the Lucid Air, a very good looking luxury sedan with very competitive specs.

It appears to be a serious contender in the automotive world at large. It will try to compete with Tesla also, but I hope it achieves success in the wider process of bringing forward the transition for sustainable mobility and energy production and consumption.

Reading their wikipedia page I noticed some similarities with Tesla beyond the EV space. First they seem to have a similar strategic approach which start with the development of a high end product. And second, the establishment of schedules for the beginning of production seems to be a bit loose, i.e. Musk time is not an exclusive feature of Tesla.

One year to build the factory makes them a serious and valid player. Hope sales of the product are good and make them successful


Very keen for this company to go public. Hopefully sometime this year.

Freetrade be ready for this one!

I started a thread for the SPAC that has been linked with Lucid. It’s already on FT but nothing is official yet.

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Yeah, If the rumours about CCIV are true Freetrade are already ready

Can anyone advise what happens if the deal is agreed?
What happens if I’ve invested in CCIV?

This deal may not happen. Please see below

Churchill Capital IV deal with Lucid Motors may not happen, CNBC says (NYSE:CCIV) | Seeking Alpha

Your CCIV shares will be exchanged for Lucid shares, Same as happened with Clover health and Luminar, and others, assuming it goes ahead

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I have some money in CCIV, I got in at $17, haven’t got much money on it as I’m waiting for the announcement to be confirmed. Then when it is LUCID I’m going to put a much more significant amount of money into lucid, as it looks like a great company in the short and long term!

Why don’t LUCID just go public on its own? What are the benefits of a SPAC merger?

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Apparently the deal is closed

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Churchill Capital Corp IV is also on sale at $43.01 from last week’s high of $60+. Missed the $31.55 low for earlier on though :sob:

Can you remind me the ticker please?

Churchill Capital Corp IV = NYSE: CCIV

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$CCIV ??

Many thanks

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