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I hope, for the sake of everyone investing, the lock up passes without much fanfare.

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I hope it drops 50%

Which means it will go up at least 25 cuz my hopes are never fulfilled


Yes I am not sure why someone on this forum talked about the lockup. The end of lock-ups in themselves don’t AFAICT result in downward pressure. However, if the end of lockup is coupled with some other disquiet or concerns then the lockup-end triggers …

So people, the point is are there problems with the stock? Make your decisions based on that … lockup is only an additional thing not the main issue.

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The biggest holder 60% (I think) Saudi Arabia investment fund, getting factory built so hopeful they don’t sell(much) as hopefully control of the company long term will pay off for them (and us) but we will find out soon

The end of lock up has been a catalyst for a rough ride for Uber & Doordash. I removed them happening and it not being a great week for retail who had brought in / after IPO.

Sorry about that - I wasn’t meaning to comment specifically on your post - more a post earlier than yours.

I know very little about Doordash so won’t make any comment about it. With Uber, if you mean the 2019 lockup issue - I’d argue that Uber was having a lot of problems - there were issues with culture, the previous CEO, union problems and apparently spending (cost). I don’t actually remember if in the end the stock fell that much because of the lock up but I distinctly recall big falls just before because of the problems I just mentioned. In that sort of scenario - if some key investors show no confidence (as opposed to banking some profit) the share price is in trouble.

Of course sometimes it depends on who exactly cashes out. I would argue that we should always expect some shares to become available on end of lock up - at least from employees whose compensation is heavily weighted that way.

I think we are in a somewhat different situation now and several no profit companies will see the effect of central bank interventions. LCID for one is down since c. mid-November. Lock-up ending is more of a trigger for these sensitivities than the primary issue.

Some people forget that the huge rise in share prices in the past couple of years has not been uncoupled to central banks’ policies.



Put my entire Freetrade portfolio into Lucid @ $45 :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Think It’ll go back up??

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I do.

I do believe it will be back up before the end of the year. I may be wrong.

I’m happy to wait two or three years for a stock to go back up if I believe it will go back up within that time frame.

I’m unhappy to sell at a loss, to the point of being livid, but selling at a loss I will if I believe it won’t go back up.

Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I get wrong.

At this stage I am not prepared to pay more than $20, and I am selling above $40.

The way I see it the above is valid for the time of writing only. After posting future developments relating to the company may render my perceptions obsolete which may force me to reajuste my stance.

This is not investment advice. Do your own research.

Take care


I feel enticed by today’s price

Not investment advice. DYOR

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Lets go…


This helped today:



Ben Collins Reviews the Lucid Air GTP


At an alltime low, worth investing in? Or is the company going down similar to rivian ? Looks like both maybe heading for bankruptcy?? Looks like a beer money punt only ?

I don’t think they will go bankrupt :crossed_fingers:

Averaging down but this market is crazy…

We are producing 350 Lucid airs a week though so looking good!


Wowsers … your holding in Lucid, even at current market value, is more than my entire portfolio!
Whats the plan buying so many shares in companies that dont pay dividends ? Or do you buy just to sell to make a profit? (Once / if the share price goes up of course !
I wont get rich with my 6.12 shares ! Lol

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Its a growth, very new company, very risky but their tech is good (I held from SPAC days). Their expansion on their factory is coming along good, production is stepping up and once they up the deliveries they have a decent chance.

Rough plan if they survive :slight_smile: buy more shares this low. Sell 500/600 around the $50-55 range, hold the rest. Come back in 2030…

That should mean I have taken near on all my initial investment back with 800 shares to see what happens.


Incredible move :exploding_head:


So yesterday I woke being around 8k down on lcid (total pot 16k - its a growth stock and I was going to hold for years) but thanks to rumor of a pif buyout (65% up on the day :open_mouth: ) a worrying the non-stop halting day and that it could crash in AH or we be offered lower by the pif…I pulled the trigger on the whole lcid with only a £1.5k loss…making £5k up on lcid on the day but around £7k on the month. Got burnt £1.5k which could have been a lot worse… I might stick my next 20k into my ETFs and actually make some money :slight_smile in these market conditions and with so many stocks being down 40/50/70% I think I dodged a bullet:


It all depends on whether the PIF are going to buy the company back into a private state. If they do what share price will they offer? 10-20-30 dollars a share nobody bows as yet.
I just hope it stays public and it can carry on progressing to where I know it can go and that is very very large and profitable.

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