This is a commercial property REIT. LXI focusses on office, retail, hotel and housing property, with an aim of providing inflation-protected income and capital growth over the medium term.

Does anyone hold this stock? Anyone had a look into the business? Looks interesting

Ongoing charge of 1.12% is a no for me

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Where does it say about the ongoing charge?

In the costs and charges section:

That’s not much for a REIT, a passive index fund requires much less work than managing a REIT so the two fees should never be compared.

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What does the charge even relate to ??

It is not charged to you, it comes out the fund but means there is not as much being invested back in.


I’d agree, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. While cost is clearly important, I think there’s too much of a focus on it nowadays. For me, it’s just one of many factors that you need to weigh up.

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