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This REIT is focused on long lease properties including hotels and student accommodation.

Total investment product charges over 5 years Over £1200 it says ???

Hi @Topdog These charges are the same regardless of which brokerage you use. These are not Freetrade charges but charged by the managers of the REIT.

Clear as day

This was marked as a complex investment by FT, right?
Anyone know why?

Hi @SpaceTrader

@bitflip’s comment from another thread is probably worth a read.

Are all reits like this?

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My US ones appear okay for now. LXI also appears available still too.

If you go into the discover tab and search for reit you’ll get a list of all those still available.

No, there are other REITs that are active. So not sure what the exact criteria are.

Hi @Freetrade_Team,
Do you know what’s going on with this one? Why is it still blocked? Could you please provide some reasoning why this REIT is blocked specifically please?

My best guess might be the wording in the KID, which despite being a risk 3/7 says

Intended retail investor: Individuals who are professionally advised or highly knowledgeable, financially sophisticated and who understand (and are capable of evaluating) the risks of an investment in the Company and who have sufficient resources to be able to bear any losses (which may equal the whole amount invested) that may result from an investment in the Company.

If so wonder if that will ever change when/if requirement for KIDs goes