M1 Finance and Freetrade

With all the brokerage research I have seen for long term investment and best value for your money.

I think the US M1 Finance is the way forward. But it is not available in Europe. I highly suggest for Freetrade to model M1 Finance platform features. If you do this you will be number 1 in Europe in no time.

What features is it that you like about M1? Their pie investing and setting up percentage allocation to a portfolio is great but they aren’t as good for things like instant trades

Everything about it. With M1 you can also see your annual rates return for your dividends. Which I would like to see on FT soon.

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Yes M1 finance has become popular via YouTube investors. I agree that it does seem excellent and its worth Freetrade modelling some of the themes they offer especially the pies and slices.

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I wonder how much they pay those influencers. They used to use RH for a long time and suddenly switched to M1. Anyway, those influencers are useless to learn about the market.

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Always do your own due diligence!