Marijuana and associated companies

Can we get Marijuana growers, Cannabis-focused biotechs and Providers of ancillary products and services to the industry within the Freetradiverse? This is likely a huge growth market over the next few years.

For now investing in the marijuana market needs some creativity on how to navigate that area. Canadian stocks will not be on FreeTrade for a while (not directly).

Not being able to heavily cover this area at this moment is a let down and from what I hear, listing this exchange is not straight forward.

Keep requesting though. Best to add stock requests including etf’s individually.

For those that are risk adverse, note that there are concerns around the legality of investing in companies that profit from activities that are currently illegal in the UK. Cannabis stocks currently fall into a grey area of the law. Cannabis is only legal in the UK as medicinal on prescription or CBD. Recreational use of tetrahydrocannabinol is illegal. The risk to the every day investor is likely low but always worth being aware of all risks before making an investment decision.

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