Markets flow

I am wondering if anyone has invested in the previous round. Currently they are in private mode.There progress has been remarkable since there last raise.
Any comments regarding this startup.

Thank you

I did in the last round and am going to invest again (will be open soon I think to the public).

They look really interesting to me - using machine learning in other areas has seen significant progress (see the recent openai wins in dota championships against humans, self-driving cars, image recog etc). I see no reason machines couldn’t beat active human traders with sufficient data and training, but have no idea if this is the company which will manage that or how deep their tech goes.

I also have no insight yet into their investment results and whether they are credible or not as the investment minimums were quite high, however 28% annualised return is really high - I plan to try the platform in a small way this year to monitor results after they launch an app and lower limits.

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