Lumio and Freetrade on Crowdcube

I am wondering what people think of this offering on Crowdcube I think that Lumio invest your spare money in Freetrade a bit like Moneybox

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I just didn’t get on with Lumio interface in the early days but have tried them again and it’s much better.

I am holding off crowd funding investments currently and pushing all I can into stocks. I don’t have spare cash to do both at reasonable levels.

Looks interesting. I use Emma at the moment, I know there are lots of others like Yolt to manage money. Can’t quite see where the algorithm comes in but I’m definitely open to it. Is freetrade actually on board, because they don’t integrate with Emma due to lack of an API so wondering if it just sends money to FT but can’t read your balances etc.

I would like to hear from Freetrade to see what is actually on offer.

Lumio confirmed there is no Freetrade integration right now (they also await API).


Thanks for that, I feel like their screenshot is a little misleading then :joy:. The emma CEO is on here sometimes trying to hint but he hasn’t got anywhere either.

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I agree,it is misleading. I think they should remove the Freetrade details. @adam @Viktor