Matched betting

what are peoples experienced with matched betting, just getting back into it and was wondering if people had ideas?

Been doing it over 3 years and there’s still money to be made - a lot if you want to put the time into it.

Harder than it used to be, say, 5-6 years ago but it’s still a great side hustle.

I made a good few hundred quid from the new customer offers, but once they dry up it’s a real grind to make any money.

The only match betting I do now is William Hills Golden Goal when they run it.

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Anyone ever done any arbitrage betting? Maybe it’s not possible because the odds are all too close

If you use a tool like oddsmonkey, it’s farily easy to find arb bets, but the trouble is the bookies limit your account the first sign you know what you are doing.

I made about £15k in one year but my online accounts were gubbed and shops stopped offering me coupon prices. The next season sharbs were a lot rarer so I haven’t bothered since

There is money to be made from arbing, even from gubbed accounts.

Some bookies offer minimum bet guarantee on certain races (class 1 & 2) so there’s decent money to be made if you can put in the time.

This guy is genuine (I haven’t met him but my friend has) - he’s currently hoping to “engineer his redundancy” so he can do MB full-time.

He’s produced an arbing course and has an active FB page for subscribers.

Yeah i guess the worry I had is that with Oddsmonkey and platforms like that a lot of the bets they recommend are often such weird bets that a couple of my accounts seem to get gubbed straight away. Is there a way to only bet on more mainstream matches or races?

I only bet on horses and football and ignore all the other offers.

fair enough, I just find that when they suggest slovakian second tier football its a massive yellow flag

Even just sticking to mainstream sports doesn’t necessarily mean that the bookies don’t gub you in the end.

Just today, Betfred have gubbed me, by which I mean I can’t get any free bets from their offers any more. Again, I have only ever done a few football and horse bets with them, hardly hammering their offers.

They just don’t like it when you win!

Yeah its ridiculous isnt it - last week I got gubbed after my first bet on a new account!

What have you found to be your best tactics to avoid this, I had a google round but couldnt find much? I saw something about betconnect being good for those with closed account but that was to be a pro and not really what I am

Getting gubbed after just one bet is ridiculous!

As you’ve mentioned, backing Slovakian second tier football might be a flag, although if you’re betting in-play, it could be seen as a ‘spur of the moment’ punt.

From my experience, I’ve found that accounts which only have football bets done on them keep the longest, ie I have a couple of accounts where I only place bets on the major European leagues and nothing else.

As mentioned previously, there’s no guarantee that any sort of tactic will save you from a gubbing, I’m just waiting for the inevitable on those accounts I guess!

One thing I do with gubbed accounts which aren’t too restricted is EW betting on horses, which has a risk of losing you some money so not true MB. Or arbing (not what I do currrently as too time consuming).

Yeah thats very true about the in-play.

I think I might do similar with saving a couple of accounts just for my more mainstream football bets and then at least I can keep those going.

Thanks for your help

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Anyone here had any experience with Profit Accumulator?

I have - I think they were offering 30 days free, or 30 days for £1, so I signed up. If you’ve not done matched betting before, the tutorials are really easy and help you understand exactly how it works.

I think I made about £300 profit before it all dried up. This was about a year ago.

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The initial period is much easier when you have all the welcome offers but once you get the reload offers going you can still make a lot. As long as you can keep your accounts open…

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I’ve been matched betting for over 3 years. Can still manage to make on average £300 a month from reloads (ie not signing up offers) but it does take effort, hence profits can be a bit lumpy, depending on how much time I have spare.

Do you just wait for them to email you with offers? I barely get anything through. Are you placing random bets to keep them from gubbing your account?

also how many hours a month do you try and spend on it? finding the time is what i struggle with most