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Hi, I’d like to request the stock $GHVI, it’s a SPAC but there’s a lot of potential in it.

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Seems they’re too late with this one…frustrating!


I know! Seems there’s very slow updating of suggested stocks. I’ve personally opted to trading stocks I can’t find on here elsewhere in order to not miss some good ones.

who with T212?

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As a provider of the technology in question I have a love-hate relationship with Matterport. But this could be a good addition to the platform.

Yes please

Still not listed missed the boat with this at current price, whens 212 opening its doors again? :eyes:

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Another vote for this one please

Adding my voice to this.

Hi sorry I am new to this community page. Have been waiting for GHVI to be added for awhile now. Do you know if we will get a notification when this is added? (So I don’t have to check it everyday) Thanks!

Voted. And also added to:

(Freetrade stock request Googledoc)

Check your app later today :wink:

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Gores Holdings VI

That’s on my list to. I think we read the same news :wink:

Haha, I don’t read that much news and act on it, but I’ve been using Matterport for the past 3 years. :slight_smile:


Great to hear that. Is there any better competitor to Matterport? I checked some real estate ads and Mattersport virtual walks seems to be the best quality.

They have competition but I think they have the best experience, best quality, but also the most expensive (hardware and software/platform). Recently they opened the platform to 3rd party cameras to catch more people in their system.

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The rumors were true .

I got in in the morning

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Nice! I only have Freetrade to rely on. Apparently you can’t open new accounts with other platforms. (IG/Trading 212)
A catch-up game…

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Please add this!