Maximum Selling Amount

Hi, new to the forum.

Just a question please hypothetically if I hold 1000 shares and they rise to £1000 a share are there any restrictions on selling the 1000 shares I hold ?

Hi @thestace24 :ocean: welcome to the forum.

Maximum transaction level is £9900 of UK stocks as this is the limit set to avoid additional taxes and $25,000 in the USA.

It’s worth nothing that if you chose to sell a a large order you’d better to break it up into smaller amounts as matching buyers for larger orders might mean the price executes lower than the live price.

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I have 6 transactions over a period of 2 months which have given me 1200 shares in one company.
So I have a problem then if I sell all together?

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You could sell £25k worth or £9900 in uK shares every 30 seconds so not an issue :+1:

Depends on the company, if it’s a small cap then you might find the only buyers for 1200 stock could likely have a lower bid listed.

If you break them down into 6 x 200 shares you will likely get closer to the ‘live price’.

So am I right in thinking it’s not capped at 25000 per day just per transaction ?


You’re right - you can sell as much as you like up to $25,000 per transaction. You could probably do a transaction in 10-15 seconds if you’re not messing around.


You are.

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Thanks for the information guys :+1: