McAfee Inc MCFE

This company makes cybersecurity software for individuals and businesses. It specialises in antivirus software.

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McAfee Details IPO Plans In New SEC Filing

The cybersecurity company, which was publicly listed until its 2011 acquisition by Intel, hopes to raise up to $814 million via the sale of shares held by the company and by its current shareholders.

I had a small, residual position in McAfee from a previous swing trade on their special dividend. This was a nice surprise to enable me to fully close the position out.

Pity as I felt there was potential for that stock to trend downwards when looking at the fundamentals, my intention was to reinvest at value down the line in the hope a takeover would come later. Still, seems like a good move for all concerned, almost all investors should be up (even those who bought at the absolute peak just for the special dividend should be a couple of percentage points up), it secures their financial future, and it’s a strong brand.