Medical Cannabis and Wellness ETF by Purpose Investments - Europe's First Cannabis ETF!

I think this is something we’ve all been waiting for Europe’s first Cannabis ETF! Launching next Monday (13th) you can read the info below. There’s a high TER though of 0.8%. Included Irish Times link as the Financial Times link wasn’t appearing in the box - nice and neat! Nearly word for word from the FT article. I will add ISIN when I find out what it is

Canadian fund group Purpose Investments plans to launch the Medical Cannabis and Wellness ETF from Monday, January 13th, which will be Europe’s first such product. The fund will be listed in Germany and made available to investors in Britain, Italy and Ireland

Yh I read this earlier today, not a fan of ETF’s & never owned one. I was planning to buy a small portion of ETF’s this year in Emerging Market.
I guess I’ll take a smaller punt on this, yesterday I bought few MJ stock (Aurora Cannabis) valuation is to good to miss.

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Agreed I always liked the name too :joy:

The TER is high though at 0.80%. EM ETF’s definitely this year for me too. Vietnam :raised_hands:

Check out EMQQ Emerging Markets and Ecommerce UCITS ETF (EMQQ - USD & EMQP - GBP) one of the best performing EM funds in the world last year

Just come across this as as wondering if i’d be able to get exposure to Pinduoduo through my ISA this way (but it’s not on Freetrade).

Not actually sure why I can’t invest in Pinduoduo via my ISA, but this ETF does look interesting. Would be a good one to add.

What is the appeal of an emerging market etf . Have you looked into the past returns on these etfs, if so why are they a good option?

EMQQ is outperforming MSCI EM by 26% YTD. Up 31% last 6 months. its the top performing EM fund out there

The ecommerce world in EM is smashing it

Good answer. I’d love an optional mixed bag EM etf one where you could select a handful of your own preferred countries. Dreaming I know.