Meet Freetrade the Challenger Stockbroker Launching it's Android App Today - Forbes

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The post also mentions what’s ahead

With Freetrade now available on iOS and Android, the trading app will also be releasing a stream of new products and features in the coming weeks and months, including Apple Pay for iOS, Google Pay and ISAs for Android and “most importantly improved insights for your portfolio and stock collections within the discovery toolbar. Think collections such as ‘female CEOs’ or ‘electric car companies’.”


Looks chilly chaps!

Also mentioned:

This news comes weeks ahead of the launch of another Freetrade crowdfunding campaign


A year after the last raise. Getting excited.


We can start getting excited about our paper gains :blush:. Any guesses on the sort of valuation this raise might be at?


their aim is to raise a further £1 million in minutes

So a smaller raise than last time? I guess that’s good for existing investors as dilution will be low, but might need to be quick to get in!

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Definitely quick - also either means they have a bigger backer somewhere else? Or they truly need this money just for European expansion and not to pay the bills!

Let’s get excited and start at 2-3 times growth?

R3 was about 3 times R2 if I remember right, and they didn’t have an app out back then

It could mean they aim to raise the first £1 million in minutes :wink:

Or like you said it’s part of a bigger round… we’ll find out in a few weeks.


The cat’s out of the bag! :cat: :raised_hands:

Our upcoming Crowdcube round will launch at 12 PM Thursday 25th April. :fire:

All the deets will follow soon. :+1:


Hopefully no investors were planning on catching a 12PM showing of Endgame on Thursday! :laughing::sweat_smile:

Looking forward to the deets :raised_hands: Hopefully Freetrade won’t be putting any more cats in bags :rofl: poor cat.


Enough :cat:s for a day with becoming the “#1 Product of the Day” today on Product Hunt:

What a day! :smile:


I’m in a 9am screening… :sweat:

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Crowdcube Round 1 had a valuation of £1.9m, round 2 £4m and round 3 £18m if I’m not mistaken. All pre app (both iOS and Android) and therefore pre revenue. I would like to hazard a guess (hoping) that there will be at least a 5x multiple this round due to number of users signed up and associated revenue being generated. I could be completely wrong, but looking forward to the 25th to see!

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