Interview with Freetrade CMO Viktor Nebehaj - Tech Talks Podcast 📻

Viktor is CMO at Freetrade, a challenger stockbroker, so today we’re diving into a reasonably new part of the fintech sector! The app allows users to invest in shares with zero commission or fees, using only your smartphone. Trading democratised for the 21st century! In the interview we also explore Viktor’s career, and his willingness to support his partner.


Pretty interesting to hear how Viktor got involved in Freetrade …


Ha - apparently this April interview with me became one of the top 10 most listened to episodes of Tech Talk:

If you listened - thanks a lot. :pray:

If not, check it out! It was a fun chat with lots of background on how I invest, the story of how I joined Freetrade and what I work on these days. :headphones: