Freetrade launches ‘zero-fee’ investment app


Great article!

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Yeehaw. Great press release, guys!

Let’s go retweet and like the article! Get the word out!


Fantastic article!

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Always a fan of Steve O’Hear

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Good article. The last bit reminds me, Freetrade team once mentioned they’d write an article detailing thier view on VC’s. did I miss this or it’s in the pipeline? Interested to hear why you (according to this article) are not interested? Dilution of shares?

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I think keeping the investors “ordinary people” rather than VC’s was a smart move in terms of building a community, which is helping with referrals/ word of mouth etc. If they’d just got the money from a couple of billionaires how many people would be posting on here?


This guy :point_up:️Speaks wisdom.

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That’s still coming! :wink: We’ve been singularly focused on the rollout, but we’ll catch up over time. I have a number of pieces half-written that I think many people would enjoy.

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I love being a shareholder but I’d be careful in upsetting VCs unnecessarily. Freetrade is clearly investable, let’s not burn any bridges!

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We’ve had a couple more stories in the press over the past couple of days :blush: so just to round up -


Nicely done.

Seems like you cannot go to far without Revolut being mentioned. Look forward to seeing Freetrade mentions in Revolut articles whenever their investment platform launches :grin:


Nebehaj admitted to me that improving the portfolio management experience is firmly No.1 on Freetrade’s to-do list.

Freetrade chief marketing officer Viktor Nebehaj told Forbes that U.S. equities are “No.2” on Freetrade’s internal roadmap and should be coming “soon”.

I’m all for this👌


ISA no. 3 :wink:


Crypto no.4 :thinking:

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Fractional Shares no.4 :sunglasses:

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I think that goes together with no. 2


I mean, if we’re all doing our own lists :slight_smile:

  1. US stocks
  2. Android
  3. ISA
  4. easier onboarding
  5. quicker account topup
  6. SIPP
  7. various brilliant referral mechanisms
  8. better portfolio tools
  9. fractional US shares
  10. everything else
  11. cryptos

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Now that the app is rolling out, it’d be ideal to see Freetrade being included as part of this conversation given the following were in this FT article for instance:
Scalable Capital

Additional comments: Is this something Freetrade can influence in terms of marketing? How does this generally work i.e. should Freetrade reach out to the mainstream media and establish a relationship, or are namedrops in articles generally journalist driven? @Viktor

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We can and we will, Theo. It’s a bit of a longer-term work, and in the meantime, every community member can help us get into the conversation:

  • Email the journalist to tell them about Freetrade
  • Comment on the article
  • Tweet at the journalist