Insightful Podcast - Launching a Trading Platform featuring Adam and Viktor 📻


(Viktor) #2

Thanks. :blush: It’s always weird to hear myself recorded - but great chat!

(Louis Otto) #3

My god the distortion on that recording is awful

(Viktor) #4

I know… :worried: The blog post on that page might be a better experience.


There was some unique questions on the podcast :smile:

The audio quality was poor. How was this recorded?

(Viktor) #6

Sam (one of our long-time a community members) was travelling in remote New Zealand when we recorded it. We were skyping, and used a software to record the audio. Any future episodes will have better quality!

(Viktor) #7

Actually, Sam just dropped an email that he uploaded a better quality version. It’s time to listen again! :headphones:

I’ll listen on the way home. Maybe I’ll grab another episode, too:

(Chris) #8

Overcast link for those of us with Overcast I guess.

(Louis Otto) #9

Morning podcast sorted :slight_smile:

(Calum McWhir) #10

Good to meet a fellow Overcaster. Pinnacle of pod apps. Speeding up playback speed to 2x is my favourite productivity hack. Do you follow Marco Arment at all? (He’s the developer and has his own pod.)

(Chris) #11

I do indeed. ATP is the only Pod I’ve marked as priority for my Weekly Listen playlist. I don’t listen to Top Four though, I have to carefully curate my podcasts so I can listen to weekly ones and not end up with a backlog. Paternity leave totally screwed me :joy:

(Viktor) #12

Has anybody tried Google Podcasts?