THE FUTURE OF FREETRADE | What Changes Are Happening On The Freetrade App?

Latest video on my YouTube channel discussing the freetrade roadmap and my thought about what’s going on at freetrade

Buy yourself a dedicated microphone (rode or something are always a good bet, its well worth the investment), or if you’re using one now, fix the audio. Its a good volume but it sounds muffled or dulled slightly, which can make it more difficult to listen to.

Otherwise :+1:

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Thanks for the feed back buddy appreciate it , I currently use the lav mic it has a muffler onit but it doesn’t seem to be the best tbh gonna have to have a look for another mic maybe , I try my best to edit any disturbances out of the vidoes all part of the Learning process :rofl:

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Honestly, £100 on a desk microphone and you’ll see a night and day difference. The content is interesting (could maybe go into more detail on your thoughts, at least on this video), but i did find the audio a bit difficult to listen to for any extended period. (might just be me)

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I’ll have a shop around see what’s out their , and believe me I had much more to say but I try to keep the videos as short as I can usually around 10 mins otherwise I would end up with a 20 minute + video🤣

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