Freetrade , One of the Hottest Apps of the Year

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Just been reading an article on the Times online. Freetrade has just been described as one of the hottest apps of the year. Well done guys. !

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Awesome! Do you have the link? :pray:

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Get your hands on the hottest apps of the year

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Damn you pay wall!!! :rage:

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Making smart investments

Freetrade just launched on iOS to a limited audience but will be opening up later this year and launching on Android. The service is similar to the eagerly watched Robinhood app in the US.

Freetrade allows you to invest in the stock market for much less than brokers usually charge. While traditional banks’ fees will barely give you change from a tenner, Freetrade charges just £1.

What else? They offer totally free purchases if you don’t mind delaying your purchase to a bulk transaction at 4pm on the next trading day. Beat that.