Our plans for the year!

(Adam) #1

Hey everyone,

With 2019 underway, I wanted to share our plans for the year and get your feedback.

The big ticket items are:

  • US stocks this month
  • Investing on Android early this year
  • Our new Freetrade Platform
  • Expansion to Europe
  • Our next funding round

(Georgi) #2

Amazing , looks like 2019 will be a very big year for Freetrade and a lot of hard work ahead of you.
Cannot wait to see the roadmap on the EU expansion.

(Gareth) #3

Can’t wait to get involved on Android! It’s going to be a big year for Freetrade! :fire:


Fractional shares for the US was the thing that really attracted me to freetrade so hope it’s introduced soon.

(Matteo) #5

So exciting!!! I can barely contain myself!
I have a curiosity about the European expansion, assuming that the UK leaves on the 29th of March, do you need to have everything set up by that date or even in the transition period everything will be fine?

(Ryan) #6

Can’t wait for the Freetrade 2019 expansion! :muscle:


Freetrade £10 a share! Awesome :sunglasses:

(Vladislav Kozub) #8

Which would give it a market cap of £ 411,565,438 right? :money_mouth_face:

(£21,049,960[current value]*(£233.84/23/£0.52[current share price]))


Does that make you a millionaire? :money_mouth_face:

(Vladislav Kozub) #10

No, that would have to be a £1bn capitalisation, but have no doubts Freetrade will be there by 2022 or so :relieved:


It’ll be 2bn by then Vlad :wink:

(Big Boss) #12

Erm, important question. Can there be more swag please? Mugs, bags, gilets, coasters, beanies, baby onesies, etc? :joy:

Not joking…

(Emma) #13

Coasters would be cool. Could have that US flag Freetrade logo as one. And a mug.

Do any other Fintechs do coasters?


OMG! This post is everything. :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for everything to be implemented and I better start saving now for the next funding round because I ain’t missing that! :star_struck:


Adam posted this on Twitter, this is all iOS users so far. I wonder how Android will affect this :slightly_smiling_face:


Respect (for different reasons) to both the 18, and 88 year olds who are using Freetrade!


:scream: Congrats to those 18yrs old who, as early as now are already investing. I wish I knew this when I was at that age! And to the 88yrs old…WOW. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bring on team Android !

I have the promo app that is on play store. Will it update to the proper investing app or will we have to download separate app?


(Alex Sherwood) #19

That’s the Android app, you’ll be able to update it to access your account once it’s ready.


I notice fractional shares (for US) weren’t mentioned above. Is that still happening sometime soon? Really excited about the launch of US shares next week, but it was the fractions that really sold me on freetrade.